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GrillBilly’s Caters Fish Fries

GrillBilly’s Catering in Jacksonville Florida is well known for their outstanding BBQ, but did you know that GrillBilly’s menu goes beyond BBQ? One of our most requested menus is our fish fry. Our fish fries are, of course, fried on site so you can expect the food to be hot and fresh. We use a farm raised cat fish that has a delicious light, not strong “fishy” flavor. We season and batter the fish before frying to crispy perfection. GrillBilly’s times it so that the fish comes out of the fryer right at serve time. Our fish fry comes with a choice of sides which include coleslaw, grits, baked beans, french fries & hushpuppies. Please check out GrillBilly’s  downloadable catering menu for other side options.GrillBilly’s Catering fish fry is a perfect choice for any size event, any time of the year.

This GrillBilly’s fish fry had a 50’s theme.
GrillBilly’s served a fish fry for a 50th anniversary celebration.

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