For Those Who Have Wondered How We Came Up With the Name “GrillBilly’s”…

Back in 2007 when we were forming our catering business, we were trying to come up with a catchy name. We were throwing around names such as, “Billy’s Belly Busting BBQ” (oh my!). One afternoon, Billy had cooked a brisket and offered some to a neighbor who stopped by. After tasting it, our neighbor exclaimed, “Dang, that’s some good brisket GrillBilly!” A few minutes later, Billy came in and told me what this neighbor had said. We immediately agreed that GrillBilly’s was a catchy, easy to remember name – perfect for a catering business with a pit-master named Billy! In 2008, we officially opened for business as “GrillBilly’s”. In the years since, we have worked hard to make GrillBilly’s a name to remember because of the taste and quality of our food, as well as our friendly, helpful service. We hope that very soon, GrillBilly’s will be the name everyone in Northeast Florida will think of when they are in need of a caterer!
Donna Smart
Co-owner of GrillBilly’s, Inc.

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